Save Kaneohe

Stop Hawaiian Memorial from Developing on Conservation Land

We fought Hawaiian Memorial for 12 years, trying to block the development of Conservation land to Cemetery.

On 9/23/2020, the Hawaii State Land Use Commission voted to ALLOW the development.

LUC Decision Details

Although we weren’t successful in stopping the development, we were able to successfully scale down the development, and get several community desired changes.

Here’s some of the changes from the original submitted plan in 2009:

  • There will be no housing development as part of the project
  • The development size has been cut in half.  Instead of extending to Pohai Nani, it will stop just after Lipalu St.
  • There will be a 14 acre cultural preserve, supported by the Koolaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club, with financing from HMP
  • The development will be required to hold 5 times more water on-property than currently done to help protect against flooding on the residence homes (not shown on maps)
  • There will be no mausoleums as part of the development
  • There will be conservation easement placed on the remainder of the property, to ensure no additional development for perpetuity
  • HMP will be required to plant a tree for every tree they cut down (with trunks over 6′ diameters)
  • They will help put in monitoring and supplemental water to the endangered damselfly habitat.
  • There will be a 164′ buffer around the damselfly habitat
  • They will setup a community hotline for residents to call during construction to handle any complaints

There are many more permits required by HMP before they begin development.   This includes review and approval of the detailed plans by the City Department of Planning and Permitting.  We estimate that development will begin in one to two years.


This is a record of the documents submitted to the Land Use Commission:

HMP’s Request

Hearing Documents

Document HMP State City
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