Save Kaneohe

Stop Hawaiian Memorial from Developing on Conservation Land

Hawaiian Memorial Cemetery is trying to ONCE AGAIN ask the Land Use Commission to allow development on Conservation land.  The area is the backdrop to Kaneohe by Castle High School.  We think the land should be kept undeveloped.

The Hawaii Land Use Commission will be holding hearings in January to decide if the cemetery can expand.  PLEASE HELP US PROTECT OUR KANEOHE MAUNA!


The Land Use Commission hearings resume again on June 24th.   Due to Covid-19, the hearings will be held remotely on the Zoom meeting platform.

To join the meeting, click on the following link to register for the hearing:

When: June 24, 2020 09:00 AM Hawaii
Topic: State Land Use Commission Meeting for A17-804 Hawaiian Memorial Life Plan, Ltd
What: HMP will continue calling their witnesses.   The State and City and County and will all be able to call forth witnesses as well.
How:  Register in advance for this hearing by clicking below:

The link above will allow you to sign-up to WATCH the hearing **OR** optionally also to TESTIFY and WATCH.
You will also have the OPTION to testify during the hearing.  The LUC will start the meeting asking for people who signed-up to testify.

Other Ways to Help

  • Please Help with Contribution -> CLICK HERE
    (We are incurring some rather large legal fees, we would greatly appreciate financial support via GoFundMe’s Secure website).

  • Please Sign Our Petition -> CLICK HERE

Proposed Development Area

Reasons Land Should Be Kept as Conservation

  • The Land Use Commission had DENIED HMP’s 2009 Request to allow development.   The LUC Stated several reasons in their denial.   These reasons still exist today. Here are some quotes from the LUC’s 2009 Decision.
  • Protect the Endangered Blackline Damselfly – There are less than a thousand of these in the entire world, and HMP will be encroaching habitat.
  • There is sufficient Cemetery space on Oahu – as evident by advertisements at various cemeteries on Oahu.
  • Proposal to bury people in the Kawaewae Heiau cultural preserve.
  • Rockfall hazards
  • Destruction of native flora and fauna ecosystems
  • Destruction of scenic landscape for Kaneohe
  • Flooding caused by loss of vegetation
  • Loss of the Kawa Stream watershed
  • Impact from run-off to Kaneohe Bay
  • Dangers of pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides on Pikoiloa Residents
  • Increased crime due to lack of security controls
  • Risk of flooding from under-capacity retention ponds